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Community of Sustainable innovation (CoSI)

(Europe for Citizens programme)

ENSIS is partnering in a European project “Community of Sustainable Innovation” (CoSI)”, funded by the European Commission. Lead by a Danish NGO, Global Citizen, the project aims to address sustainability issues through citizen to citizen cooperation. In doing so, the project aims to bring together over 500 participants from all over Europe through online collaboration and face-to-face meetings. During these interactions, individuals will share their expertise in interdisciplinary discussions and work together towards a socially cohesive approach. The CoSI project thus aims at international dialogue and knowledge sharing on the issue of sustainability through encourages civic participation.

In the course of the project, EU citizens will be one hand informed on the EU’s sustainability agenda while working towards new and innovative solutions. To ensure continued action, the project will preserve all the actions in the online platform which will continue to serve as a tool for future cooperation.

Project Partners:
Global Citizen (lead)
ARCI (partner)
Citizens for Europe (partner)

Calendar or events:
December 2015: strategic meeting (Brussels)
November 2015: Kick off conference call